A Night for Neil - The Neil Peart Memorial Celebration

March 14, 2020 – A quick update: A Night for Neil is moving forward, but due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we’re in a holding pattern. We will absolutely give you continuing updates & news about the event. 

March 3, 2020 – Overtime Angels are grateful for the THOUSANDS of people who have already purchased tickets for “A Night for Neil”. We understand everyone is lit up with anticipation! We are working diligently behind the scenes with the Peart family to put together an event that will honor Neil’s memory and leave a lasting impression on all the fans. The show will start as a memorial, and celebration of Neil’s life with speakers, musical performances and video tributes. Following intermission, we will transition to RUSH tributes,  special guests, and more! Additional information will be released soon! To buy your tickets use this link. https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/event/1000584EFF70B083

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Following the recent passing of Neil Peart, OC, legendary drummer of the iconic Canadian rock band, RUSH, fans from across the globe will have an opportunity to gather and celebrate his legacy.

The event will be held in the late Mr. Peart’s hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario, CA, on May 16th, 2020, at the Meridian Centre and is being coordinated in cooperation with the Peart family, Overtime Angels, Inc. – a registered 501(c)(3) charity – and the City of St. Catharines are bringing together a wide array of production professionals, world-class musicians, and guest speakers to pay tribute to Neil’s life and career. The growing roster of artists and guest speakers will be announced in a subsequent release.

Lance Kasten, Vice President of Overtime Angels, Inc. explains, “The event will honour “The Professor” of words, lyricism and musicianship from a fan’s perspective. The outpouring of support for this event from across the globe has been tremendous.”

Speaking on behalf of Neil’s family, his parents, Glen and Betty Peart stated, “We are grateful for the team that Overtime Angels is assembling…we are especially pleased to be able to support this charity event that will benefit some much-needed organizations that are close to our hearts.”

In addition to Overtime Angels, the charities chosen by the Peart Family as beneficiaries of this event are:

St. Catharines Hospital and Walker Cancer Centre

The Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario

The Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, Ontario

Neil Ellwood Peart was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on September 12, 1952, and raised in St. Catharines. He became the drummer and main lyricist for RUSH in 1974 and spent more than four decades with the band. Along with his bandmates, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, Neil was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1996. He passed away on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020, after a more than three-year battle with glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. For more information on Neil Peart’s life and legacy visit Rush.com

Press inquiries, please contact Donna Halper, dlh@donnahalper.com

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